NodeMedia v 1.02

 Updated march 18, 2000   This app doesn't work on osX since it uses qd3d!

NodeMedia is a macintosh PPC application, that has been in development since may '97.

Now at v.1.02 it is ready for you to check out!


Nodemedia allows you to add:

-directional sounds
-sounds across multinodes
-hotspot triggered sounds
-sound to object movies (asynchronous)
-linear movie transitions
-backbuffer movies (animations in a pano)
-3d models
-video textured 3d models
-animated 3d models
-effect transitions(disolves,wipes etc.)
-sprite margins(maps, rotors)
-prescreen images...
-and complex scripting of naviagation to any QTVR movies !

Almost every call quicktime offers for qtvr is available through NodeMedia...

 You can DOWNLOAD A DEMO  by clicking here.(1.4 meg)
This version has a password you put in to enable the saving of scripts and vrscript tracks...
otherwise it's fun to play with in demo mode...

When your presentation is ready, you can save it as
-a text script (fastest playback in the tiny vrscript player),
-a standalone 'projector' (handiest file) or
-as a quicktime movie with vrscript track...(requires the user to have the vrscript extension installed, plays on the web and anywhere
else a qt movie will play...)

This tool puts a graphic interface on VRScript, a scripting language developed by Tim Monroe at apple.
To learn more about that , and see many demos made with these tools, click here.

This is the beginning of 3d photographic film making, and a tool is ready for you to help create this exciting new medium!
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New PDF Documentation!

August 7,99... check out the first draft of new pdf documentation for NodeMedia!  Alonzo Young in Hawaii is working on this! NMb18.pdf

Check Issues,gotchas,foibles of NodeMedia 1.02