How To View the Demos

If you are a Mac user this is easy. Simply drag the script file onto the VRScript player application and have fun.

If you are using Windows '95 the process is somewhat less than friendly. First download the Windows '95 version of the VRScript player application. It is a zip archive file so you will need some variety of decompression software to access it. If you save the archive file ( on the root directory of C:\ before decompressing, it will create a folder named "wwdc" in the root of C:\ and decompress the player file into that folder. If you decompress the archive from any other location, the "wwdc" folder will not be on the root of C:\ and the demos won't work. If your "wwdc" folder is anywhere else, be sure to move it to C:\wwdc before going any further or you will be wasting your time as this is the only place on your entire computer which VRScript will look for media...

Once you have installed the player, you can download any of the demos on our page. They will arrive as files called which will decompress to created folders named DFdemo_x which contain all of the scripts and media. You then need to copy all of these files into the c:\wwdc folder alongside the VRScript player application.

When all of the files are in c:\wwdc, simply launch the application by draging the file onto the VRScript player application.

To view another demo, first erase all of the files in c:\wwdc except the VRScript player, then repeat the process using the new media files.