NodeMedia 1.0 Known Issues, gotchas, and foibles.

NodeMedia 1.02 has it's share of problems.

Here's a list by importance.



1. In the vrscript extension, the code to do qt effect transitions doesn't work in all players. In some players the window resizes by about the width of a controller for the duration of the transition and then resets it's size...It should work OK in Netscape and Explorer...(if not now, in a version we'll post soon..)

2. There may still be problems for some people with a bug that reports 'to open this media it has to be in the same folder as nodemedia'...This is even after you've set your preferences to 'same folder as the movie' and 'same folder as the app'... You can try the 'fixed' version at the bottom of this page and see if it helps..

Miscellaeous oddities:

-In the backbuffer tile, turning chromakeying on and off no longer updates correctly. This worked fine but broke for 1.0, Now to update the buffer, you may have to pan completely around once...Then you'll see your keying or absence of keying correctly.

-the prescreen code only supports one prescreen picture for flattened movies right now. It becomes a sprite track.
You can talk to it with the sprite calls...

-the new streaming backbuffer movies can crash you. Heck, streaming movies outside of a qtvr can crash you too...Hopefully this
is rare, but on slow modems, and slow computers it's more likely...

Fixes in for NM 1.02

  - Fixed the 'maxtimes/always' area of the cause dialog. This now allows you to correctly set how many times a trigger
takes place before it expires...Very useful.
  -Fixed a crash in the sound panel if you played with the controls before opening a sound.
  -Fixed an important problem where the 'edit as text' menu item would return an error and not let you edit the script
sometimes. Now it seems to always open correctly. (even after flattening)
   -Made the preferences default to 'same folder as the movie'.
   -hopefully fixed the 'same folder as the app' option to work correctly.
   -fixed the 'cancel' button when re-sizing windows from the controls panel.
   -Spent a few hours cleaning up 'cause at cause' debugging scripts like:
  AtClickHS 9   AtTime       (10 times) SetPanAngle 5 1
  This makes a very fast swing pan, even after flattening. About 3 times faster than the best I've seen done with wired

    -altered the included version of vrscript so that it can handle the NodeMedia preferences without shutting down. This is
a nice return to the normal habit of testing scripts made in NM in vrscript. You'll find they play the fastest there!